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Item : 15-TH SM114
Name : Dial thickness gauge Teclock SM-114 10mm/0.01mm

Price : $145.45/set (1 set)
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Brand : Japan Teclock
Spec. : 10mm/0.01mm

Summary : Slightly reads the value: 0.01mm
Determination scope:10mm
Determines the throat to be deep :120mm
Gauge head and anvil style:10mm

Views : 12196    Date : 2012-8-2

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This can be used for various usages from paper to metal work.

Dial gauge is used by fitted to jig etc., while thickness gauge is held with our hand and work is held between gauge head and anvil, and its figure is directly read.
Gauge head moves to up when up-down lever is pressed down, and gauge head returns to “zero” when it is released. As operation is easy, it is measured for a short period compared with micro-meter. This can be used for various usages such as paper, rubber, plate, steel pipe, small molded products.
Dial thickness gauge can measure thickness of things such as steel, lens, rubber, plastic, paper, felt, hair in actual dimension.
Gauge head and anvil are superior for anti-abrasion and stained as they are made of ceramic.

Standard measuring ability is less than terminal pressure 2.5N.
Slightly reads the value: 0.01mm
Determination scope:10mm
Determines the throat to be deep :120mm
Gauge head and anvil style:10mm

Hand-held dial-type thickness gauge will put the objects between the measuring head and the measuring drilling. Press down the lift rod that the measuring head will increase, release that the measuring head return to the 0 point. It is simple to operate and to use a short time to measure. Measuring the thickness of the sample.such as rubber, plastic, fabric, paper, etc. ...

Application Industry:
It's widely used in leather, hair, rubber plates, metal pipes, plastic film for measurement.

Technical parameters:
Brand: Japan TECLOCK
Model: SM-114
Directed form : Pointer
Measurement Range: 0 ~ 10mm
Resolution : 0.01mm
Measurement of Deep throat: 120mm
Probe style : diameter 10mm ceramic flat
Manometry N below : 2.5N
Volume: 190 × 23 × 145mm
Weight: 270g

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