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Each other files(SATRA)

  SATRA Test Equipment Catalogue [2014-7-17]

  Adidas Lab Procedure Manual Contents [2012-7-8]

Each other products(SATRA)

Standard Reference Elastomers (SRE): BAM-E001
11-SR BAM-E001

EMPA Standard wool felt Black 702
11-WF EMPA-702

EMPA Standard wool felt white 701
11-WF EMPA-701

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Name : SATRA test methods  catalogue – June 2011

Summary : SATRA has developed over 250 test methods for footwear and other consumer products.
In the listings, the month and year shown against each method is the date of publication of the most recent edition.

Date : 2012-7-22
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Description :  

SATRA TM1 Nov 04 Thickness of leather and insole materials
SATRA TM2 May 95 Tensile properties of insole materials
SATRA TM3 Mar 99 Flexing index
SATRA TM4 Mar 93 Change in flexing index due to exposure to heat
SATRA TM5 May 00 Stitch-tear strength
SATRA TM6 Mar 93 Water absorption and desorption - total immersion method
SATRA TM8 Jun 04 Colour fastness to circular rubbing
SATRA TM9 Nov 92 Surface water absorption and repellency
SATRA TM10 Oct 96 Longitudinal stiffness - three point bending test
SATRA TM11 Jan 93 Pin holding strength of insole materials
SATRA TM12 Mar 93 Density of leather and insole materials
SATRA TM14 Nov 04 Resistance to scuffing by mild circular abrasion
SATRA TM17 Apr 97 Shrinkage temperature of leather
SATRA TM18 Aug 95 Shape retention - dome plastimeter method
SATRA TM19 Aug 01 Dimensional measurements of plastic heels
SATRA TM20 Aug 00 Lateral impact test for shoe heels
SATRA TM21 Jul 01 Fatigue test for shoe heels
SATRA TM23 Nov 04 The SATRA/PATRA water vapour permeability test for shoe upper materials
SATRA TM24 Apr 92 Lastometer ball burst test
SATRA TM25 May 92 Vamp flex test - resistance to creasing and cracking
SATRA TM27 Nov 04 Thickness of non-leather flexible sheet materials
SATRA TM28 Jul 94 Mass per unit area
SATRA TM29 Nov 92 Breaking strength and extension at break
SATRA TM30 Sep 95 Tear strength - trouser leg method
SATRA TM31 Apr 03 Abrasion resistance - Martindale method – Amendment No. 1: 2005
SATRA TM33(2010) Nov 92 Strength perpendicular to needle perforations
SATRA TM34(2009) Mar 93 Resistance to water penetration - Maeser test
SATRA TM35 Jul 94 Static friction
SATRA TM36 May 99 Break/pipiness
SATRA TM37 May 99 Nail penetration - shoe bottoms and protective midsoles
SATRA TM38 May 99 Impact scuff test for upper leather
SATRA TM40 Mar 99 Moulded-on rubber soles - state of cure test
SATRA TM41 May 99 Dynamic water penetration test for sole leather
SATRA TM43 Jun 00 Tensile strength and extension at break of leather
SATRA TM44 May 94 Liability to wrinkle
SATRA TM45 Mar 98 Stitchability of upper threads
SATRA TM47 Jun 02 Water vapour permeability and absorption
SATRA TM48 Aug 96 Determination of grain crack index for sole leathers
SATRA TM49 Apr 95 Resistance to damage due to contact with a hot surface
SATRA TM50 Dec 92 Resistance of slide fasteners to repeated opening and closing
SATRA TM51 Aug 93 Lateral strength of slide fasteners
SATRA TM52 Jan 02 Strength of slide fastener pullers
SATRA TM53 Sep 92 Attachment strength of slide fastener end stops
SATRA TM55 Mar 99 Flexing resistance of upper materials – Bally flexometer
SATRA TM58 May 99 Stiffness of steel shanks
SATRA TM59 Sep 00 Longitudinal stiffness of insole backparts
SATRA TM60 Jul 92 Ross flex test - resistance to cut growth on flexing
SATRA TM63 Sep 09 Oil swelling test for sole materials
SATRA TM64 Jan 96 Compression set - constant stress method
SATRA TM65 May 92 Split tear strength
SATRA TM68 Nov 92 Density of cellular materials
SATRA TM70 Jul 01 Heat shrinkage of cellular solings
SATRA TM72 May 94 Linear density
SATRA TM73 Jul 00 Twists per unit length of threads
SATRA TM74 Jun 94 Breaking force, extension at break, strength factor and tightness of threads
SATRA TM76 Jul 01 Water absorption of cellular solings by the vacuum method
SATRA TM77 Apr 92 Flexing machine - water penetration test
SATRA TM80 Apr 92 Transverse tensile strength of sheet materials
SATRA TM81 Apr 92 Trough - water penetration test
SATRA TM83 Sep 09 Measurement of the area shape retention and collapsing load of formed toe puff and stiffener materials
SATRA TM84 Mar 97 Abrasion resistance - reciprocating method
SATRA TM85 Jul 94 Resistance of slide fasteners to damage during closure under a lateral force
SATRA TM86 Jul 01 Impact test for rigid units and shoe bottoms
SATRA TM87 Jan 98 Fatigue test for rigid sole units and shoe bottoms
SATRA TM88 Aug 01 Measurement of the torsional stiffness of insole backparts
SATRA TM92 May 92 Resistance of footwear to flexing
SATRA TM93 Feb 93 Abrasion between shoe laces and eyelets
SATRA TM94 Jun 93 Breaking force and extension at break of shoe laces
SATRA TM95 Jul 96 Abrasion and snagging resistance - drum method
SATRA TM96 Sep 95 Security of heel pins
SATRA TM97 Feb 99 Fatigue test for steel shanks
SATRA TM98 Jun 92 Dimensional stability with changes in atmospheric humidity

SATRA TM101 May 93 Surface peel strength of insole materials
SATRA TM102 Jun 99 Measurement of the limit of useful extension of elastics
SATRA TM103 Aug 92 Resistance of elastics to repeated extension
SATRA TM104 Jun 10 Fatigue resistance of whole shoe backparts
SATRA TM105 Feb 95 Resistance to surface peeling due to scraping when hot
SATRA TM106 Dec 94 Breaking force, extension at break and tightness of tapes and bindings
SATRA TM108 Sep 92 Strength of top-piece attachment
SATRA TM111 Jul 00 Tendency to wrinkle of polyurethane coated fabrics
SATRA TM112 Apr 95 Fatigue resistance of insole backparts and backpart components
SATRA TM113 Dec 96 Measurement of the strength of attachment of heels to footwear and the backpart rigidity of footwear
SATRA TM115 Aug 00 Torsional strength of top piece attachment
SATRA TM116 Aug 00 Hot stress cracking of patent leather finishes - Zwik method
SATRA TM117 Dec 92 Attachment strength of decorative bows
SATRA TM118 Aug 92 Strength of sandal toe posts
SATRA TM120 Jul 01 Strength of attachment of straps and nailed or stapled uppers
SATRA TM121 Mar 98 Shrinkage of insole materials on repeated wetting and drying
SATRA TM123 Jul 92 Closure strength of touch and close fasteners
SATRA TM125 Sep 92 Hardness - Rockwell ‘C’ method
SATRA TM126 Jul 00 Fatigue resistance of buckled fastenings
SATRA TM129 Sep 97 Determination of the cold crack temperature of leather
SATRA TM130 Jan 96 Breakage of plastic lasts in bending test
SATRA TM133 Mar 93 Resistance to crack initiation and growth - belt flex method
SATRA TM134(2010) Oct 98 Density of materials by volume displacement
SATRA TM136 Oct 96 Thickness / effective thickness of soling materials and sole units
SATRA TM137 Jun 95 Tensile properties of plastics and rubbers
SATRA TM138 Jul 01 Density of complete sole units
SATRA TM140 Jul 96 Scuff resistance - chisel method
SATRA TM141 Jul 94 Breaking force of buckles - three point bending test
SATRA TM142 May 92 Falling mass shock absorption test
SATRA TM143 Feb 95 Breaking force and extension at break of whole shoe top-lines
SATRA TM144 Feb 11 Friction (slip resistance) of footwear and floorings
SATRA TM146 Mar 96 Thermal conductivity
SATRA TM147 Jun 92 Resistance to stretching and flexing
SATRA TM148 Jan 97 Resistance of finish films on upper leather to peeling and delamination
SATRA TM149 May 99 Strength of eyelet facings and other laced fastenings
SATRA TM150 Feb 99 Attachment strength of eyelets
SATRA TM151 May 99 Strength of fastened buckles
SATRA TM152 Sep 92 Print through and pressure marking
SATRA TM154 Sep 92 Shoe lace to shoe lace and shoe lace to lace carrier abrasion
SATRA TM155 Mar 99 Measurement of compressibility of composite soles
SATRA TM156 Jan 02 Resistance of heel assemblies to repeated compression
SATRA TM157 Feb 99 Determining the flammability risks with polyurethane solings
SATRA TM158 Apr 92 Washability of footwear
SATRA TM159 Feb 02 Cushioning properties
SATRA TM160 Jul 92 Colour fastness to light from a xenon arc
SATRA TM161 Nov 04 Bennewart flex test - resistance to cut growth on flexing
SATRA TM162 Jun 92 Tear strength - Baumann method
SATRA TM163 Oct 96 Abrasion resistance - Taber method
SATRA TM164 Jan 96 Universal fatigue flexing
SATRA TM165 Nov 92 Tab strength
SATRA TM166 Nov 92 Slide fastener burst strength
SATRA TM167 Apr 01 Colour fastness to rubbing - crockmeter test
SATRA TM168 Dec 92 Dimensional stability of footwear foreparts to warm humid conditions
SATRA TM169 Dec 92 Fatigue resistance of trim fastenings
SATRA TM170 Dec 92 Burst strength and distension - diaphragm method
SATRA TM171 May 95 Resistance to water penetration - penetrometer test
SATRA TM172 May 93 Water vapour permeability
SATRA TM173 May 95 Colour fastness to rubbing - reciprocating method
SATRA TM174 Mar 94 Abrasion resistance - rotating drum method
SATRA TM175 Jun 95 Attachment strength of shoe lace tags
SATRA TM176 Oct 96 Collapsing energy - impact pendulum test
SATRA TM177 Apr 95 Resistance to scuffing by mild to-and-fro abrasion
SATRA TM178 Jun 01 Water vapour absorption
SATRA TM179 Jan 96 Tear strength - wing rip method
SATRA TM180 Apr 95 Measurement of the strength of stitched seams in upper and lining materials
SATRA TM181 Aug 96 Strength of buckle and strap attachment
SATRA TM183 Nov 01 Whole shoe cushion assessment test
SATRA TM184 Jul 00 Friction of insocks
SATRA TM185 May 95 Colour fastness to water spotting of leathers, textiles and coated fabrics
SATRA TM186 Jan 01 Shape retention properties of toe caps of finished footwear
SATRA TM187 Nov 96 Stretch recovery properties - constant force ball test
SATRA TM190 Apr 02 SATRA ground insulation index
SATRA TM191 Nov 96 Resistance of PVC soles to attack by oils, fats, or dry powders
SATRA TM193 Jun 04 Abrasion resistance of leather
SATRA TM194 Jan 04 Longitudinal stiffness of footwear
SATRA TM195 Jan 04 Knot slippage test
SATRA TM197 Sept 02 Shear properties of sheet materials
SATRA TM198 Sep 99 Evaluation of surface water repellency - shoe care products
SATRA TM199 Sep 99 Water spotting - shoe care products

SATRA TM200 Sep 99 Resistance to mud staining - shoe care products
SATRA TM201 Oct 99 Water and oil repellency - shoe care products
SATRA TM202 Feb 99 Slip resistance of floorings - pendulum method
SATRA TM203 Jan 98 Tightness of screw-in studs
SATRA TM204 Jul 00 Durability of garments to washing
SATRA TM205 Feb 99 Hardness of rubber and plastics - durometer method
SATRA TM206 Feb 99 Hardness of rubber and plastics - IRHD method
SATRA TM207 May 02 Colour fastness to domestic and commercial laundering
SATRA TM208 May 02 Colourfastness to hot pressing
SATRA TM209 May 02 Dimensional stability to washing
SATRA TM210 Jul 02 Dimensional stability to dry cleaning
SATRA TM211 May 02 Dimensional stability to steam
SATRA TM212 May 02 Resistance to pilling of apparel fabrics
SATRA TM213 Oct 03 Tear strength – Elmendorf method
SATRA TM214 May 02 Crease recovery of folded fabrics
SATRA TM215 Jun 01 Transparency of swimwear
SATRA TM216 Apr 03 Shower resistance
SATRA TM217 Jun 99 Resistance to surface wetting (spray rating)
SATRA TM218 Jun 99 Tear strength of rubbers and plastics - trouser method
SATRA TM219 Aug 00 Water absorption of leather - Kubelka method
SATRA TM220 Aug 00 Dynamic water penetration test for leather - Bally permeometer method
SATRA TM221 Mar 10 Abrasion resistance of vulcanised rubber sole and heel materials – NBS method
SATRA TM222 Dec 00 Snagging test – mace method
SATRA TM223 Oct 00 Floor marking by solings or top pieces
SATRA TM224 Mar 10 Abrasion resistance – Akron method
SATRA TM225 Aug 98 Burning behaviour of slippers
SATRA TM226 Feb 99 Slider locking strength of slide fasteners
SATRA TM227 Aug 00 Assessment of fibre shedding or pile loss
SATRA TM228 Feb 02 Abrasion resistance of trims – drum method
SATRA TM229 Apr 02 Resistance of finished insoles to circular rubbing
SATRA TM230 May 02 Dynamic water penetration test
SATRA TM231 Jul 00 Glove friction force
SATRA TM233 Jul 00 Water resistance of seams – cone test
SATRA TM234 Dec 00 Relaxation shrinkage and hygral expansion of fabrics
SATRA TM235 Jul 01 Resistance to repeated wetting and drying
SATRA TM236 Jul 00 Breaking strength and tip deflection of needles
SATRA TM237 Jul 00 Needle penetration force
SATRA TM238 Dec 04 Shrinkage of foam materials
SATRA TM239 Sep 00 Loop wick test
SATRA TM240 Sep 01 Electrical resistance of footwear components
SATRA TM241 Jun 07 Luggage handle strength – static loading
SATRA TM242 Sep 08 Luggage corner impact strength – drop test
SATRA TM243 Sep 08 Luggage handle strength ‘snatch’ test
SATRA TM244 Jun 07 Luggage fittings attachment strength
SATRA TM245 Jun 07 Luggage trolley handles – collapsing strength
SATRA TM246 Jun 07 Luggage trolley handles – bending strength
SATRA TM247 Dec 07 Luggage handle strength – repeated lifting
SATRA TM248 Jun 07 Performance of wheels systems – rolling road
SATRA TM249 Jun 07 Luggage – Puncture resistance
SATRA TM250 Apr 02 Scuff resistance of solings
SATRA TM251 Jan 04 Measurement of lasts for women’s medium range fashion footwear
SATRA TM252 Feb 98 Method of measurement of lasts for men's closed toe footwear
SATRA TM254 Jun 03 Evaluation of degradation of elastanes in swimwear
SATRA TM255 Mar 02 Durability of garments and fabrics to wet cleaning
SATRA TM256 Feb 02 Torsional stiffness of footwear
SATRA TM257 Sep 09 Fatigue resistance of pedestal-chair clutch-assemblies
SATRA TM259 Dec 07 Determination of resistance to water penetration – hydrostatic pressure test
SATRA TM260 Sep 09 Phenolic (elusive) yellowing of textiles
SATRA TM264 Apr 02 Spotting tack and green strength of furniture foam bonding adhesives
SATRA TM268 Sep 10 Ignitability of fabric-covered office screens
SATRA TM269 Sep 09 Seam slippage of woven fabrics
SATRA TM271 Oct 08 Determination of blocking resistance of coated materials
SATRA TM273 Nov 07 Schildknecht flex test – resistance to creasing and cracking
SATRA TM274 Jun 10 Water vapour permeability of clothing membrane materials
SATRA TM275 May 02 Security of attachment of stones or inlays
SATRA TM276 May 02 Tensile strength of looped jewellery
SATRA TM277 Feb 11 Determination of organotins
SATRA TM278 Sept 02 Moisture transfer test for insoles
SATRA TM279 Feb 02 Accelerated conditioning procedure for leather
SATRA TM281 Sep 02 Peel strength of bottom constructions in complete footwear
SATRA TM296 Apr 11 Visible soiling of upholstery materials
SATRA TM298 Mar 03 Determination of TCMTB (2-Thiocyanomethylthio) – Benzothiazole) content

SATRA TM302 Jun 03 Star-burst strength of leather
SATRA TM303 Apr 95 Vegetable tans content - qualitative test
SATRA TM304 Mar 98 Qualitative tests for soluble colour in upper and lining materials
SATRA TM305 Mar 98 Wick test
SATRA TM307 Jun 99 Water soluble chloride content of leather
SATRA TM309 Apr 95 Soil burial deterioration
SATRA TM310 Sep 92 Atmospheric sulphide tarnishing and salt water corrosion
SATRA TM313 Jan 98 Organic dressing and salts content of fabrics
SATRA TM319 Jan 01 Determination of para-nitrophenol in leather by infra-red analysis
SATRA TM323 Jul 98 Qualitative test for acidity in leather
SATRA TM324 Mar 99 Thermal stability of PVC - Congo red test
SATRA TM325 Jun 99 Leaching test for plasticised PVC compounds
SATRA TM326 Jun 95 Plasticiser volatility - activated carbon method
SATRA TM327 Jul 01 The K value of PVC soling compounds
SATRA TM328 May 92 Hydrolysis of polyurethane based sheet materials
SATRA TM329 Sep 95 Water soluble matter content of leather
SATRA TM331 Jun 99 The estimation of soluble chrome in leather
SATRA TM332 Sep 92 Chemical analysis of polyurethanes
SATRA TM335 Dec 94 Colour fastness to water and perspiration
SATRA TM336 Apr 97 Binder content and type in cellulose insole boards
SATRA TM337(2009) May 92 Concentration of airborne dust and rubber fume
SATRA TM338 Dec 92 Salzman test - detection of contamination by oxides of nitrogen
SATRA TM339 Jul 92 Dabco discolouration test - contamination by amines
SATRA TM340 Aug 92 Determination of acetone soluble matter and copper
SATRA TM341 Nov 92 Oxides of nitrogen discolouration test
SATRA TM342 Jun 95 Determination of pentachlorophenol
SATRA TM343 Nov 92 Contact storage test for discolouration
SATRA TM344 Apr 95 Hydrolysis of polyurethane solings and polyurethane coated leathers
SATRA TM345 Aug 96 Solvent soluble matter in polymeric materials
SATRA TM346 Jun 94 Fat and free fatty acids content of leather
SATRA TM347 Jan 96 Volatile matter content
SATRA TM348 Jan 96 Ash and chromic oxide content of leather
SATRA TM349 Jan 96 Acidity - pH value and pH difference figure - of an aqueous extract
SATRA TM350 Jun 95 Analysis of solvent vapour adsorption badges and tubes
SATRA TM351 Dec 96 Bottle incubation test
SATRA TM352 Jun 99 Distinguishing between types of polyurethane
SATRA TM353 Mar 99 Ash content of polymeric materials
SATRA TM354 Jan 98 Qualitative test for the presence of nickel
SATRA TM355 Feb 99 Colour fastness to dry cleaning
SATRA TM356 Feb 99 Colour fastness of textiles to chlorinated water (swimming-pool water)
SATRA TM357 Jan 04 Colour fastness to sodium perborate
SATRA TM358 May 99 Extractable chromium in leather
SATRA TM359 Jul 00 Nitrocellulose finishes – qualitative test
SATRA TM361 Jan 10 Bloom formation of polymeric materials (Accelerated ageing test)
SATRA TM362 Sep 08 Abrasion resistance of soles-Biomechanical method
SATRA TM375 Jun 10 Whole boot flex and water resistance test for wellington boots
SATRA TM376 Feb 09 Advanced moisture management test
SATRA TM386 Jun 10 Whole shoe thermal insulation test
SATRA TM388 Jun 08 The quantitative determination of Octylphenol (OP) Octylphenol ethoxylate (OPE) Nonylphenol (NP) and Nonylphenol ethoxylate (NPE)

SATRA TM401 July 00 Peel strength of adhesive bonds
SATRA TM402 Apr 97 Preparation of bonded test assemblies for adhesion tests
SATRA TM402 Sep 05 Supplement No. 1
SATRA TM403 Jan 96 Resistance to heat of adhesive bonds - constant peel force method (creep test)
SATRA TM404 Jul 92 Rapid sole adhesion test - for complete footwear
SATRA TM405 Dec 97 Determination of shear and peel strength of insole ribs
SATRA TM406 Feb 99 Lacquer adhesion - cross hatch test
SATRA TM408 Oct 93 Adhesion of finish - deadweight method
SATRA TM409 May 93 Heat resistance/heat ageing of sole bonds in complete footwear
SATRA TM410 Apr 95 Adhesion strength of a coating to its base
SATRA TM411 May 92 Peel strength of footwear sole bonds
SATRA TM414 May 92 Preparation of hot melt bonded assemblies for peel tests
SATRA TM416 Oct 96 Determination of film or coating adhesion to base material
SATRA TM417 Apr 97 Cleavage test for heel lift lamination strength
SATRA TM419 May 95 Spotting tack of adhesive bonds
SATRA TM420 Jul 94 Resistance to heat of pressure sensitive adhesive bonds constant shearing force method
SATRA TM422 Dec 94 Immediate (“green”) peel strength of adhesive bonds
SATRA TM425 Feb 99 Peel strength of laminated fabrics
SATRA TM426 Mar 00 Spotting tack - instrumental method
SATRA TM428 Dec 09 The quantitative determination of total metals using microwave digestion followed by inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometery(ICP-OES)
SATRA TM435 Apr 10 Qualitative odour absorption test
SATRA TM436 Nov 10 Determination of whole shoe thermal insulation value and cold rating
SATRA TM437 Nov 10 Glove ergonomics: Finger and Thumb ‘Pinch grip’
SATRA TM438 Nov 10 Glove ergonomics: Whole hand grip
SATRA TM439 Jan 11 Shipping carton compression strength test
SATRA TM440 Jan 11 Edgewise compression strength of corrugated fibreboard
SATRA TM441 Feb 11 Resistance to penetration by needles and other sharp points

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