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Each other files(SATRA)

  SATRA test methods  catalogue – June 2011 [2012-7-22]

  Adidas Lab Procedure Manual Contents [2012-7-8]

Each other products(SATRA)

Standard Reference Elastomers (SRE): BAM-E001
11-SR BAM-E001

EMPA Standard wool felt Black 702
11-WF EMPA-702

EMPA Standard wool felt white 701
11-WF EMPA-701

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Name : SATRA Test Equipment Catalogue

Summary : SATRA Test Equipment Catalogue

Date : 2014-7-17
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SATRA Test Equipment Catalogue

STM 101F Low Temperature Vamp Flexing Machine - 12 Station
STD 104 Hand Operated Lastometer
STD 112 Adhesion of Finish Tester
STD 114 Leather Shrinkage Apparatus
STD 119 Wrinkleometer
STM 129 Fibreboard Flexing Machine
STD 133 Compression Set - constant stress
STM 135 State of Cure Tester
STM 140 Soling Abrasion Tester
STM 141 Ross Flexing Machine
STM 141F Low Temperature Ross Flexing Machine
STM 145 Shaking Machine for Leather Analysis
STM 152 Shoelace Abrasion Tester - Lace to Eyelet method
STM 153A Compression Cage used in Toe puff analysis
STD 153C Repeated Dome Collapsing Device
STD 153D Toe Puff Dome Forming Device
STD 153H Dome Height Measuring Equipment
STD 153HD Dome Height Measuring Device
STD 153P Press for forming toe puff domes
STD 155 Heel Impact Tester
STD 156 Heel Fatigue Tester
STM 164 Creep Cabinet for Adhesion Testing
STD 172 Simple Tensile Tester
STD 174 Break / Pipiness Scale
STM 175 Permeability / Absorption Machine
STM 184 Whole Shoe Flexing Machine - wet and dry
STM 184H Whole Shoe Flexing Machine - High leg
STD 185 Sole Adhesion Tester
STD 190 Instant Lastometer
STD 190L Instant Lastometer (extended throat)
STD 206 Quarter and Back Height Gauge
STD 219 Shoe Measuring Callipers - Size Stick
STD 223 Digital Last Assessment Jig
STD 224 SATRA Shoe Fitting Boards
STD 225 Internal Shoe Size Gauge
STD 226 Digital Durometer
STD 227 Analogue Durometer
STM 228 SATRA Sensor
STM 329 Vacuum Forming Machine Hand Operated
STM 330 Vacuum Forming Machine Motor Operated
STD 401 Compression Set - constant strain
STD 405 Chisel Holding Jig for use with Ross Flexer
STM 408F Low Temperature Bally Flexing Machine - 8 station
STM 421 SATRA Rub Fastness Tester - single station
STD 422 Crockmeter
STM 439 Shoelace Abrasion Tester - Lace to Lace method
STM 441 Midsole Flexing Device
STD 442 Perspirometer - for Perspiration Fastness test
STD 449 Low Profile Plastimeter
STD 455 Heat Resistance Tester
STM 461 Circular Rub Fastness Tester
STM 462 Circular Rub Fastness Tester - Automatic
STM 463 Digital Lastometer
STM 465 Whole Sole Flexing Machine
STM 466 Tensile Tester - PC controlled
STM 471 Heat Insulation Tester - Sandbath
STM 472 Cold Insulation Tester
STM 473 Water Vapour Permeability Machine
STM 477F Low Temperature Bally Flexing Machine - 12 Station
STD 478 Water Vapour Absorption
STD 483 Leather Thickness Gauge - deadweight
STD 484 Synthetic Material Thickness Gauge - deadweight
STD 488 Multi Fibre Ribbon used in Water Fastness testing
STD 488G Glass Plates for Water Fastness Test
STM 488I Fan Assisted Oven 0 - 300°C
STD 488P Petri Dishes for Water Fastness Test
STD 495 Rubber Thickness Gauge - deadweight
STM 500 VeriVide Colour Assessment
STM 505 Dynamic Footwear Water Resistance Tester
STD 528 Biomechanical Abrasion Tester (Pedatron)
STM 567 Advanced Moisture Management Tester (AMMT)
STM 601 Vamp Flexing Machine
STM 602 Soling Materials Abrasion Tester
STM 603 Slip Resistance Tester
STM 604 Martindale Abrasion Tester
STM 606D Water Resistance Tester for Upper Leather (Maeser type)
STM 609 Impact Tester for Safety Footwear
STM 612 SATRA/Bata Belt Flexing Machine
STM 612F SATRA/Bata Belt Flexing Machine
STM 701 SATRA/Bally Flexometer - 12 station
STM 703 SATRA/Bally Penetrometer
STM 704 SATRA/Bally Stiffness Meter used with Penetrometer
STM 705 SATRA/Bally Rub Fastness Tester - 2 Station
STM 706 SATRA/Bally Permeometer
EPH-50 Resilience Tester
HTE 703 Ozone Test Chamber
HTE 903 Ozone Test Chamber

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