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Item : 11-DWF SDC-50M
Name : SDC Multifibre DW fabric with in-built security thread

Price : $454.55/Roll (50 m)
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Brand : UK SDC
Spec. : width 10cm, 50 meter

Summary : SDC Multifibre DW can be used as an adjacent fabric in many of the ISO 105C Series and E Series of colour fastness tests and also meets many chain store fastness test specifications.

Views : 14291    Date : 2023-8-1

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SDC Multifibre DW Fabric with in-built security thread

SDC Multifibre DW can be used as an adjacent fabric in many of the ISO 105 C Series and E Series of colour fastness tests and also meets many chain store fastness test specifications.

It is produced with a narrow weave construction and contains the following components: secondary cellulose acetate, cotton, polyamide, polyester, acrylic and wool.

No weaving oils are used in the manufacture of SDC Multifibre DW, thus preventing the need for subsequent wet processing and heat treatments which are a potential source of inconsistency and contamination. This gives a dimensionally stable product that does not suffer slippage/ separation of warp yarns or fraying during test procedures.

SDC Multifibre DW undergoes rigorous quality control procedures, in accordance with ISO 105 F10, conducted by independent UK Accreditation Service accredited laboratories. All tests are carried out against a set specification and against a retained master batch at yarn as well as fabric stage. This ensures consistency of staining behaviour rather than simple conformity.

Major Advantages
• Narrow width construction for economy, ease of handling and stability in use.
• Fully traceable batches tested against an internal master standard to ensure excellent continuity since the first release.
• Not scoured and then dried – removes process stages that pose a risk to continuity throughout the roll and across the width.
• Security for test specifiers that counterfeit or imitation Multifibres are not used leading to potentially misleading and costly errors.
• Testers can demonstrate to customers their commitment to quality through the use of only genuine SDC Multifibres.

SDC Multifibre DW Fabric
2115 SDC Multifibre DW 10 metre roll
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2133 SDC Multifibre DW 10x4cm 250 piece pack
2143 SDC Multifibre DW 10x5cm 200 piece pac

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