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  Adidas Lab Procedure Manual Contents [2012-7-8]

  AATCC 8-2005 Colorfastness to Crocking [2012-7-5]


  Perspirometer PHENOLIC YELLOWING TESTER [2012-7-5]

Each other products(AATCC)

AATCC American Multifiber test fabric No. 10

AATCC American Multifiber test fabric No. 10

AATCC American Multifiber test fabric No. 10A

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Name : Numerical List of Current AATCC Test Methods and Procedures

Summary : Numerical List of Current AATCC Test Methods and Procedures

Date : 2012-6-9
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6-2001 RR1 Colorfastness to Acids and Alkalis
8-2005 RA38 Colorfastness to Crocking: AATCC Crockmeter Method
15-2002 RR52 Colorfastness to Perspiration
16-2004 RA50 Colorfastness to Light 17-2005 RA63 Wetting Agents, Evaluation of Qualitative
20A-2005 RA24 Fiber Analysis: Quantitative
22-2005 RA63 Water Repellency: Spray Test
23-2005 RA33 Colorfastness to Burnt Gas Fumes
24-2004 RA31 Insects, Resistance of Textiles to
26-2004 RR9 Ageing of Sulfur-Dyed Textiles: Accelerated
27-2004 RA63 Wetting Agents: Evaluation of Rewetting Agents
28-2004 RA31 Insect Pest Deterrents on Textiles
30-2004 RA31 Antifungal Activity, Assessment on Textile Materials: Mildew and Rot Resistance of Textile Materials 35-2000 RA63 Water Resistance: Rain Test
42-2000 RA63 Water Resistance: Impact Penetration Test
43-2004 RA63 Wetting Agents for Mercerization
61-2003 RA60 Colorfastness to Laundering, Home and Commercial: Accelerated
66-2003 RA61 Wrinkle Recovery of Woven Fabrics: Recovery Angle
70-2005 RA63 Water Repellency: Tumble Jar Dynamic Absorption Test
76-2005 RA32 Electrical Surface Resistivity of Fabrics
79-2000 RA63 Absorbency of Bleached Textiles
81-2001 RA34 pH of the Water-Extract from Wet Processed Textiles
82-2001 RA34 Fluidity of Dispersions of Cellulose from Bleached Cotton Cloth
84-2005 RA32 Electrical Resistance of Yarns
86-2005 RA43 Drycleaning: Durability of Applied Designs and Finishes
88B-2003 RA61 Smoothness of Seams in Fabrics after Repeated Home Laundering
88C-2003 RA61 Retention of Creases in Fabrics after Repeated Home Laundering
89-2003 RA66 Mercerization in Cotton
92-2004 RR35 Chlorine, Retained, Tensile Loss: Single Sample Method
93-2005 RA29 Abrasion Resistance of Fabrics: Accelerotor Method
94-2002 RR45 Finishes in Textiles: Identification
96-2004 RA42 Dimensional Changes in Commercial Laundering of Woven and Knitted Fabrics Except Wool
97-1999 RA34 Extractable Content of Greige and/or Prepared Textiles
98-2002 RA34 Alkali in Bleach Baths Containing Hydrogen Peroxide
99-2004 RA42 Dimensional Changes of Woven or Knitted Wool Textiles: Relaxation, Consolidation and Felting
100-2004 RA31 Antibacterial Finishes on Textile Materials: Assessment of
101-2004 RA34 Colorfastness to Bleaching with Hydrogen Peroxide
102-2002 RA34 Hydrogen Peroxide by Potassium Permanganate Titration: Determination of
103-2004 RA34 Bacterial Alpha-Amylase Enzymes used in Desizing, Assay of
104-2004 RA23 Colorfastness to Water Spotting
106-2002 RA23 Colorfastness to Water: Sea
107-2002 RA23 Colorfastness to Water
109-2005 RA33 Colorfastness to Ozone in the Atmosphere under Low Humidities
110-2005 RA36 Whiteness of Textiles
111-2003 RA64 Weather Resistance of Textiles: Exposure to Daylight and Weather
112-2003 RR68 Formaldehyde Release from Fabric, Determination of: Sealed Jar Method
114-2005 RR35 Chlorine, Retained, Tensile Loss: Multiple Sample Method
115-2005 RA32 Electrostatic Clinging of Fabrics: Fabric-to-Metal Test
116-2005 RA38 Colorfastness to Crocking: Rotary Vertical Crockmeter Method
117-2004 RR54 Colorfastness to Heat: Dry (Excluding Pressing)
118-2002 RA56 Oil Repellency: Hydrocarbon Resistance Test
119-2004 RA29 Color Change Due to Flat Abrasion (Frosting): Screen Wire Method
120-2004 RA29 Color Change Due to Flat Abrasion (Frosting): Emery Method
121-2005 RA57 Carpet Soiling: Visual Rating Method
122-2000 RA57 Carpet Soiling: Service Soiling Method
123-2000 RA57 Carpet Soiling: Accelerated Soiling Method
124-2005 RA61 Appearance of Fabrics after Repeated Home Laundering
125-2004 RA50 Colorfastness to Perspiration and Light
127-2003 RA63 Water Resistance: Hydrostatic Pressure Test
128-2004 RA61 Wrinkle Recovery of Fabrics: Appearance Method
129-2005 RA33 Colorfastness to Ozone in the Atmosphere under High Humidities
130-2000 RA56 Soil Release: Oily Stain Release Method
131-2005 RR53 Colorfastness to Pleating: Steam Pleating
132-2004 RA43 Colorfastness to Drycleaning
133-2004 RR54 Colorfastness to Heat: Hot Pressing
134-2001 RA32 Electrostatic Propensity of Carpets
135-2004 RA42 Dimensional Changes of Fabrics after Home Laundering
136-2003 RA79 Bond Strength of Bonded and Laminated Fabrics
137-2002 RA57 Rug Back Staining on Vinyl Tile
138-2005 RA57 Cleaning: Washing of Textile Floor Coverings
139-2005 RA50 Colorfastness to Light: Detection of Photochromism
140-2001 RA87 Dye and Pigment Migration in a Pad-Dry Process: Evaluation of
141-2004 RA87 Compatibility of Basic Dyes for Acrylic Fibers 142-2005 RR81 Appearance of Flocked Fabrics after Repeated Home Laundering and/or Coin-Op Drycleaning
143-2001 RA61 Appearance of Apparel and Other Textile End Products after Repeated Home Laundering
144-2002 RA34 Alkali in Wet Processed Textiles: Total
146-2001 RA87 Dispersibility of Disperse Dyes: Filter Test
147-2004 RA31 Antibacterial Activity Assessment of Textile Materials: Parallel Streak Method
149-2002 RA90 Chelating Agents: Chelation Value of Aminopolycarboxylic Acids and Their Salts; Calcium Oxalate Method
150-2003 RA42 Dimensional Changes of Garments after Home Laundering
151-2003 RA56 Soil Redeposition: Launder-Ometer Method
154-2001 RA87 Thermal Fixation Properties of Disperse Dyes
157-2005 RR92 Colorfastness to Solvent Spotting: Perchloroethylene
158-2005 RA43 Dimensional Changes on Drycleaning in Perchloroethylene: Machine Method
159-1999 RA87 Transfer of Acid and Premetallized Acid Dyes on Nylon
161-2002 RA90 Chelating Agents: Disperse Dye Shade Change Caused by Metals; Control of
162-2002 RA23 Colorfastness to Water: Chlorinated Pool
163-2002 RR92 Colorfastness: Dye Transfer in Storage; Fabric-to-Fabric
164-2001 RA33 Colorfastness to Oxides of Nitrogen in the Atmosphere under High Humidities
165-1999 RA57 Colorfastness to Crocking: Textile Floor Coverings—AATCC Crockmeter Method
167-2003 RA87 Foaming Propensity of Disperse Dyes
168-2002 RA90 Chelating Agents: Active Ingredient Content of Polyaminopolycarboxylic Acids and Their Salts; Copper PAN Method
169-2003 RA64 Weather Resistance of Textiles: Xenon Lamp Exposure
170-2001 RA87 Dusting Propensity of Powder Dyes: Evaluation of
171-2005 RA57 Carpets: Cleaning of; Hot Water Extraction Method
172-2003 RA60 Colorfastness to Non-Chlorine Bleach in Home Laundering
173-2005 RA36 CMC: Calculation of Small Color Differences for Acceptability
174-1998 RA31 Antimicrobial Activity Assessment of Carpets
175-2003 RA57 Stain Resistance: Pile Floor Coverings
176-2001 RA87 Speckiness of Colorant Dispersions: Evaluation of
178-2004 RR97 Barré: Visual Assessment and Grading
179-2004 RA42 Skewness Change in Fabric and Garment Twist Resulting from Automatic Home Laundering
181-2005 RA50 Colorfastness to Light at High Temperatures: Daylight Temperature and Humidity Controlled Apparatus
182-2005 RA36 Relative Color Strength of Dyes in Solutions
183-2004 RA106 Transmittance or Blocking of Erythemally Weighted Ultraviolet Radiation through Fabrics
184-2005 RA87 Dusting Behavior of Dyes: Determination of
185-2000 RA90 Chelating Agents: Percent Content in Hydrogen Peroxide Bleach Baths;Copper PAN Indicator Method
186-2001 RA64 Weather Resistance: UV Light and Moisture Exposure
187-2004 RA42 Dimensional Changes of Fabrics: Accelerated
188-2003 RA60 Colorfastness to Sodium Hypochlorite Bleach in Home Laundering
189-2002 RA57 Fluorine Content of Carpet Fibers
190-2003 RA60 Colorfastness to Home Laundering with Activated Oxygen Bleach Detergent: Accelerated
191-2004 RA41 Acid Cellulase Enzymes, Effect of: Top Loading Washer
192-2005 RA64 Weather Resistance of Textiles: Sunshine-Arc Lamp Exposure With and Without Wetting
193-2005 RA56 Aqueous Liquid Repellency: Water/Alcohol Solution Resistance Test

AATCC Evaluation Procedures
1 (2002) RA36 Gray Scale for Color Change
2 (2005) RA36 Gray Scale for Staining
4 (2002) RA36 Standard Depth Scales for Depth Determination
5 (2001) RR89 Fabric Hand: Guidelines for the Subjective Evaluation of
6 (2003) RA36 Instrumental Color Measurement
7 (2003) RA36 Instrumental Assessment of the Change in Color of a Test Specimen
8 (2002) RA36 AATCC 9-Step Chromatic Transference Scale
9 (2002) RA36 Visual Assessment of Color Difference of Textiles
10 (2005) RA59 Evaluation of Multifiber Adjacent Fabrics

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